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Basic information about SCHOOL OF FRANCHISING

Created on 20 July 2012

The course is divided into eight one day sessions. They are held in premises of University of IT and economics for managers, Prague on Thursdays.

Schedule of sessions:
1. session .....  8.2.2018
2. session .....  22.2.2018
3. session ..... 8.3. 2018
4. session ..... 22.3.2018
5. session ..... 19.4.2018
6. session ..... 10.5.2018
7. session ..... 24.5.2018
8. session ..... 21.6.2018

9 am – 4 pm Thursday
Classes start always at 9 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. Lectures last 60 minutes and then is 15 minutes break. Individual consultations are held after classes until 6 p.m.

1. Franchising system
- history and origins of franchising
- significance of franchising for the market and economy
- franchising as sales and organisation system
- franchising package
- tasks and setup of franchisor´s headquarters
- typical and abnormal franchising systems
- Financing of franchising
- critical factors in development of a franchise      

2. Franchising contract and law
- basics of franchising law
- relevant stipulations of the Commercial Code
- legal documents before signing of the franchising contract
- protection of economic competition and franchising
- EU law and antitrust law
- practical examples of solving problems between franchisor and franchisee

3. Manuals – basis of franchising
- requirements
- structuring
- form of documentation
- setup and creation of documentation
- management duties
- practical examples
- important information sources
- literature
- bodies
- Benchmarking
4. Controlling in franchising
- controlling as the basis of franchisee care
- basic economic indicators of franchising system
- management and information
- balanced scorecard
- franchise information system
- practical examples of information system

5. Franchisee accounting
- basic reports, taxes
- property and stock records
- financial instruments
- claims and liabilities
- final accounts

6. Communication skills and business negotiation
- role of manager in franchising business
- communication necessary for founding of sound franchising business, rules of communication franchisor-franchisee
- rules of business negotiation
- methods of business negotiation
- practical training

7. Marketing  as tool for franchising
- marketing research before and after the start of franchising business
- data sources for marketing research
- PR and franchising
- publicity – use and effectiveness
- use of internet marketing in franchising business
- presentation of franchising business on internet

8. Factors of success in franchising business
- marketing of franchising system
- internal and external communication
- corporate identity (graphic manual)
- search and selection of franchisees
- Business plan
- test with evaluation individual work
Lecturers and consultants:
The basic team consists from consultants of ČAF (Czech Franchising Association), lawyer from law offices – ČAF members, expert advisors – managers and owners of successful franchising businesses. Also university experts will be among lecturers.

Termination of study:                                                                                                                                                                                  

Successful students will receive a Certificate.
Profile of course leaver: Course leaver will be familiar with the theory of franchising. He/She should be able to prepare a franchising system for the company or his/her employer. He/She should be able to run and develop it. He/She will be able to assess basic needs including financial budget for the development and expansion. He/she will know procedures and rules of franchising business. He/She will establish contacts to existing franchise businesses, consultants, advisors, lawyers and financial specialists.

Franchise and Retail Academy s.r.o., company identification number (similar to ABN) 46348832, registered address Horni Pocernice-Praha 9, Lhotska 2202/21. Contact person: Mr. Jiří Krajča, tel: 00420 603 203 828, Internet: www-franchising-academy.cz, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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